a point where a measured variable reaches unmeasurable or infinite value

There are over 1 000,000 Apps in the App Store. The number of songs, films and books in the iTunes Store most people gave up counting. When you look at your collection of all purchases, how many Apps are you actually using in your everyday life? How many films deserved the 10/10 at the time you paid for them? How many books made you content?

One has to learn, as GLaDOS lovingly puts it, to trim out the fat. To distill the important from the unimportant. Because, let’s face it, when something new comes up, the hype, the buzz, the ruthless marketing techniques, they are all out there to get us.

My name is Martin and I have dedicated this site to what I find truly outstanding. To works of unmeasurable or infinite values. Not mere 10/10.

And remember…

As with anything in life, this site is best viewed intuitively.